A female transit passenger was born at Dubai Airport
A female transit passenger was born at Dubai Airport

A pregnant Syrian male passenger who was parked at Dubai airport suddenly went into labor while waiting for her flight. ...


Thanks to the authorities' prompt response, I was able to obtain an entry visa within half an hour and give birth to triplets in the hospital.

The 29-year-old woman, Eman Al-Uqla, was a transit passenger from Amman who was supposed to travel to Lebanon, according to a report published by the Arab daily Emirates Al-Youm.

When I got to Dubai to stop, she looked weak and exhausted. Major General Muhammad Ahmad Al-Marri, Director General of the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the emirate, saw her and immediately arranged a special entry visa for the pregnant mother.

Within 30 minutes, the visa was issued and Akla was immediately taken to a hospital in Abu Dhabi, where her brothers live.

Alokla, along with her family members back home, happily welcomed a healthy baby girl and a baby. She said she has now started the process of changing her visa status so that she can stay and live in the UAE. "Anyone would dream of living in this country," she said, thanking Major General Al-Marri for coming to her aid.