free airline tickets for 44 Ghanaians
free airline tickets for 44 Ghanaians

44 Ghanaians were found asleep in a park in Satwa and fortunate to have been given free flight tickets and a good gift bag before at a ceremony in its headquarters in Dubai.


The Charity Organization for Accommodation and Daily Meals has now arranged free airline tickets for their repatriation.

Dr. Hisham Al-Zahrani, Director of the Department of Zakat in Al-Dabis, said:

 "Last month, we learned about some stranded Ghanaians - who were homeless and without jobs or financial support because of the pandemic, and we raised money for their food, accommodation and tickets so that they could return to their homeland."

All 44 Ghanaians, including seven women, will leave Dubai International Airport today on a special repatriation flight on Emirates Airlines and Dabs also arranged a Covid-19 test for free for all those who boarded the repatriation flight and helped them obtain the required permission from The police and immigration will take two buses from their place of residence to the airport.