Corona examinations for travelers instead of  quarantine
Corona examinations for travelers instead of quarantine

The International Airports Council and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) launched a joint call for a globally unified approach to conducting "Corona" checks before travel for international travelers as an alternative to quarantine measures.


The disruption of the global air transport sector, as a result of travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic, had disastrous effects on jobs in the sector, which exposed about 4.8 million jobs to risk or removal.

The two sides called for cooperation between countries to remove quarantine restrictions and resume air traffic, as a unified and organized approach to Corona examinations will provide an effective way to give governments confidence again to reopen borders without quarantine.

As part of its continuous endeavor to achieve safety and health standards for travelers and all working staff, the air transport community has worked with the Civil Aviation Industry Rescue (CART) Team of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and in cooperation with the World Health Organization, to develop a comprehensive approach to health standards. Which achieve safe and sound operations during the "Corona" crisis.

The Airports Council International and the International Air Transport Association confirm, in light of the resumption of the CART team, this week, the importance of focusing on applying an organized and internationally recognized approach to the checks that are conducted for travelers before travel, which must be fast, practical, accurate, low-cost, and easy to use. It is supported by public health authorities.

The Director General of Airports Council International, Louis Philippe de Oliveira, said: “Airlines and airports agree to follow a consistent methodology for conducting checks for travelers, which helps restore travelers' confidence in air transport, avoiding government closures of their borders, as well as removing cumbersome quarantine measures that hinder great efforts Seeking to achieve a recovery in the sector ».

This approach will promote a better recovery of the aviation system as a whole, including airports, airlines, and the travel and tourism sectors, thus protecting jobs and providing the economic and social benefits that aviation provides to local, national and global communities.