A Bride and a groom commit suicide in their honeymoon in Egypt
A Bride and a groom commit suicide in their honeymoon in Egypt

Two newlyweds committed suicide, less than a month after their wedding in the Haram area in the Giza governorate, as Al-Watan newspaper reported, on its website.

The newspaper added that the Criminal Investigation Department in Giza received a notification about the death of a bride by jumping from the fourth floor, in her residence in the pyramid.

The investigations revealed that they are married according to parental knowledge, since they have not reached the legal age of marriage, as the groom is 17 years old, while the bride did not exceed 16 years, indicating that the incident occurred during the honeymoon period.

And the scenes of the incident began, with a quarrel between the wife and the mother of her husband, which developed into a clash of hands, prompting the bride to enter the kitchen, and she took a knife to defend herself, but with the push and pull, her mother-in-law injured her head.

And the bride was terrified when she saw blood flowing from her mother-in-law's head, so she decided to jump from the balcony of the apartment on the fourth floor, and a lifeless body fell on the ground. He is the other dead body next to his wife.

The investigations and investigations added that the newlyweds had been married for less than a month, and that after receiving the notification, a team of investigators moved to the crime scene, the criminal laboratory and the Public Prosecution Office.

After examining the bodies, it was found that there was a crushed head, a fractured skull, bruises and abrasions all over the bride's body.

The Public Prosecution Office decided to present the two bodies to the forensic medicine office for an autopsy, to clarify the causes of death, and requested the investigation's final investigations regarding the incident, and investigations are still ongoing.

The forces began unloading the cameras close to and around the crime scene, to examine them and indicate whether or not they took pictures of the moment of the couple's suicide from the balcony of the house on the fourth floor, while a team of detectives discussed the families of the spouses, and inquired about the health status of the suicide groom's mother, and investigations are still ongoing.