editing the status of violators
editing the status of violators

Sources said that taking important decisions regarding expatriates, renewing residencies, transferring from one company to another, and amending the conditions of violators.


From next Tuesday, the transfer from one company to another will be opened "online", and for the transfer that is not available "online" because of some reason, such as a transfer from joining the family to a company or from the government sector to the private or from a suspended company to another will be through a review of the General Authority of Forces Working only by making a prior appointment for the review.

According to the sources, transfer and residence transactions will be received for the first time, extending the validity of the passport, and renewing the residence of the father, mother or brother in the Residence Affairs Department according to the company address or the address of the sponsor by taking a prior appointment for the review, and the official working hours will begin in the Public Authority for Civil Information to receive the card and complete the transactions Other special features such as changing the address or name and adding a personal photo by reserving an appointment for review.

According to the decision of the Minister of Interior regarding violators before the first of last March, their conditions will be adjusted, provided that the fine is calculated from the date of the violation until the first of last March.

And whoever previously obtained the entry visa of all kinds and did not enter Kuwait, it is considered canceled even if the owner has completed all procedures in his country, and he must extract a new entry visa after the Ministry of Interior opens the door to extract the entry characteristics, and also everyone who has a valid residence and is outside the country gets an automatic absence permit Without the need to check with the Ministry of the Interior, as long as his stay remains valid.