85 years old Emirati woman dies from corona
85 years old Emirati woman dies from corona

An Emirati elderly woman died after being infected with the virus during a family gathering, and her four children and six grandchildren were injured and were unable to attend her burial.


Abdullah bin Qasir Al-Dhari, who is residing in Al-Ain, said that his 85-year-old aunt died on Saturday and was buried in Al-Ain.

He said: "We lost our beloved aunt Naser Al Darei due to the Corona virus. Her four children who are in hospital could not even see her body or attend the funeral. They did not even have a chance to receive my condolences."

He continued:
 "Her two sons and two daughters, between the ages of 55 and 65, have contracted the virus. Five of their grandchildren, including a seven-year-old boy, are currently living in isolation after leaving hospital." .

He pointed out that the infection came from a family member, who had no idea that he had the disease because he had no symptoms.

He noted that after the death of his aunt, he sent a message on Twitter calling on community members to adhere to all preventive health measures taken by the authorities to prevent the spread of corona.

"Let's continue to practice physical exclusion, wear face masks and follow healthy lifestyles so that we can overcome this epidemic."

He said: "The leaders of the state and the frontline have made every effort to combat the epidemic to ensure the safety of all people in the Emirates and that citizens and residents now have to play their part by assuming responsibility and avoiding crowding in order to protect our lives and those we love."