8 thousand expatriate children without data in the Ministry of the Interior
8 thousand expatriate children without data in the Ministry of the Interior

The Ministry of the Interior renewed its request to the residency violators to amend their status and take advantage of the new deadline that begins on December 1.

Informed security sources revealed that there are "more than 8,000 migrant children in violation and without restrictions in the Ministry of the Interior, due to the failure of their families to register them after birth, which puts them in the category of unknown status," noting that "the Ministry of Interior directed to adopt an automatic link project with the Ministry of Health. , It is possible to register births at the Ministry of Interior base immediately after birth in one of the Ministry of Health hospitals or private hospitals. ”

The sources said that “large numbers of expatriates who have children have been discovered, and they do not inform the Ministry of Interior of their status and complete the residency procedures for them, and they are satisfied with obtaining a birth certificate only, to escape the payment of residence fees and health insurance, or because the father is in an illegal or violating resident status, This makes the child violating the residency law, and without data with the Ministry of the Interior due to the lack of electronic connection with the Ministry of Health.

The sources emphasized that “during the last period, about 8,000 children were discovered whose parents submitted requests to amend their legal status after 5 years of their birth, and when asked about leaving them throughout those years, they stated that the reason is the financial inability to place residency permits for their children, but they are forced at They reach the age of five to amend their status in order to enroll them in schools ».

The sources indicated that “the project prepared by the Ministry of the Interior provides for granting the guardian a period of 4 months to complete the procedures for registering his newborn son, after which a fine of 4 dinars will be imposed for each day of delay,” noting that “what contributed to the increase in the number of violators is that the financial fines are on the The violator does not exceed 600 dinars, even if the violation continues for several years, and this is what made some resort to this behavior.

She explained that “the aim of linking with hospitals and the Ministry of Health immediately after the birth of the child is very important, because Kuwait is a signatory to the International Convention for the Protection of the Child, while the presence of any child without official documents exposes him to danger because he is not registered in the records of the Ministry of Interior, and it is difficult to infer it if He left him in the country, if his parents left, for example, and thus he becomes anonymous. ”