71 countries open travel lines and flights
71 countries open travel lines and flights

Many countries around the world seem keen to reopen travel lines and airlines, as ICAO, through its website, has published a timetable set by 71 countries to open tracks at its airports to resume international flights after the closure period imposed by the emergence of the emerging Corona Virus. .


The table indicates that most countries plan to reopen international routes from mid-June to the beginning of August 2020.

Even the United States, which is still under the influence of the epidemic, is expected to reopen its flights on September 1, taking into account the implementation of many health and preventive measures in all airport facilities around the world even within aircraft, with a commitment to social difference and early detection of departing travelers And the next ones.

At the same level, many airlines will breathe a sigh of relief after the heavy losses suffered by the air closure due to Corona, during a period described by many economists as the worst in the history of aviation in the world.

This stage led to the failure of some airlines and the huge losses incurred by the major companies, while the latest statistics revealed that the total losses in the aviation and tourism sector for this year amounted to about $ 84 billion, and may reach $ 100 billion before the end of the year.