Officials of Hajj and Umrah campaigns informed that their companies have started organizing Umrah trips for those wishing to perform the rituals from within the country, at an average price of up to 6000 dirhams per person, according to the degrees, programs and packages of accommodation and travel to and from the Holy Land, explaining that they have allocated various packages for Umrah, including the prices of airline tickets and accommodation Five days, including three days for "health isolation."


In detail, campaigns for Hajj and Umrah within the country have presented various programs and packages for citizens and residents wishing to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, confirming that these programs and trips are witnessing "exceptional" administrative and preventive measures, given their coincidence with the continuing outbreak of the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

Campaigners in Abu Dhabi informed that the price list for Umrah trips has witnessed a noticeable increase during the current period, with an average of between 4,600 dirhams per person in a double room and 6,000 dirhams in a single room, according to the degrees, programs and packages of accommodation and travel to and from the Holy Land, explaining that the prices include tickets Flying and staying in hotels (five days, including three days under mandatory "isolation").

They emphasized that the campaigns will undertake additional preventive tasks that include educating pilgrims about the precautionary measures that must be applied before they leave the country until they leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to confirming the validity of the Umrah data and health information related to confirmed airline tickets for each pilgrim and housing data, especially since the campaigns bear responsibility for the safety of this data And the obligations that may arise as a result of their incorrectness, stressing their utmost keenness to make all efforts to preserve the safety of pilgrims from among the citizens and residents of the country, and to ensure the performance of safe rituals in a reassuring and comfortable atmosphere.

They stated that most campaigns commissioned their coordinators to organize awareness and guidance programs for those wishing to perform Umrah, during which the required preventive measures are reviewed, foremost among which is that the age of the person wishing to travel should not be less than 18 years and not more than 50 years, in addition to conducting a PCR examination in a laboratory body Approved 72 hours before travel, and the result is negative, proving that the person is free from the emerging corona virus, with an emphasis on the importance of a full commitment to staying in the residence hotel during the period of isolation.

They pointed out that the awareness programs deal with the administrative procedures related to travel, such as pre-booking to perform Umrah, praying in the Grand Mosque, visiting the Prophet’s Mosque and praying in the Holy Kindergarten in accordance with the controls and absorptive capacity approved by the application of “Umrah”, and obtaining the necessary visa to enter Saudi lands for residents of the state.

At the beginning of this November, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia began to allow those wishing to perform Umrah and visit the Two Holy Mosques, from outside the Kingdom, gradually and in accordance with strict preventive controls, and from countries that do not suffer from a major epidemic risk due to the Corona pandemic, provided that the carrying capacity does not exceed 20 One thousand pilgrims, and 60,000 worshipers daily.