5000 dirhams per family
5000 dirhams per family

More than 4,300 families received financial support, as Dubai Islamic Bank donated 12.8 million dirhams to support RAK charity projects.

Muhammad Jaka Al-Mansoori, Secretary General of the Ras Al Khaimah Charitable Society, explained that each family received about 1500 dirhams to 5,000 dirhams in Zakat, according to the number of its members.

"The money was delivered to eligible beneficiaries through a partner exchange house or through direct bank deposits. Some families have received assistance from the association's employees," Al-Mansouri said.

He added that all precautionary measures for Corona virus were strictly adhered to in the distribution of aid.

Al-Mansouri thanked Dubai Islamic Bank for its annual contribution that "relieves the suffering of thousands throughout the year."