500,000 dirhams compensation for two spouses
500,000 dirhams compensation for two spouses

An Arab couple received 500,000 dirhams in compensation for losing their unborn child due to medical negligence.

Ras Al Khaimah Civil Court ordered the involved gynecologist and the private hospital to pay compensation for the death of the fetus.

According to court records, the case was revealed when the woman approached a private hospital for a regular examination.

The gynecologist ordered the defendant to be hospitalized due to high blood sugar.

The patient told the doctor that her parents were suffering from high blood sugar, but the latter failed to take the correct action and did not refer her to an endocrinologist.

"Although I requested to check urine blood sugar, the gynecologist determined that the reported high blood sugar was not a problem and had no health risks to me or my fetus."

The woman's blood sugar continued to rise and reached a critical level as she suffered from severe headache and swelling in her legs.

She went to the emergency department, where a diabetes specialist examined her and prescribed her insulin and other medications until the end of her pregnancy.

After two months, the woman was told that her fetus was fine based on the ultrasound exam she had. However, she found out that her fetus had died when she prepared for a cesarean delivery.

The couple filed a complaint with the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, requesting an investigation into the medical negligence that led to the death of the fetus.

The Ministry formed a medical committee, which stated that the woman was suffering from high blood sugar in the first months of her pregnancy, and the specialist gynecologist was supposed to admit her to the hospital to monitor blood sugar, but she did not.

The medical report also indicated that the woman did not receive the necessary medical care and that her nine-month-old fetus could have been saved if the gynecologist and the hospital performed the correct procedure.