Public Prosecution
Public Prosecution

Mr. Ahmed Al-Qurashi, Head of Public Prosecution at the Financial Crimes and Money Laundering Prosecution, stated that the First High Criminal Court today issued a ruling convicting an engineering expert with five years imprisonment and a fine of 7,000 dinars for what was assigned to him.


Whereas, the Public Prosecution completed its investigations into the report received from the Criminal Investigation Department, as it included that an engineering expert seconded from the Civil Court had requested a bribe for breaching his job.

The incident is summarized in the defendant, and in the event that he is an engineering expert delegated by the urgent civil court, to request an amount of 7,000 dinars for a bribe from the plaintiff in the case he is delegated to, in return for preparing the report on the matter to which he was assigned a breach of the duties of his job and in violation of the rules and procedures prescribed by law. The plaintiff reported what the accused requested, so the Security Department began investigations about the incident, which confirmed the validity of this information.

Accordingly, the Public Prosecution issued its permission based on the permission of the competent court to monitor and record calls and meetings of the accused, and an ambush was prepared for him, so he was arrested red-handed by receiving an amount of three thousand dinars as part of the bribe amount.

Upon questioning the accused and confronting him with evidence, he confessed to the accusation attributed to him for requesting bribery, so he was transferred to the High Criminal Court, which issued the previous ruling.