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5 new bus routes between Dubai and Sharjah
5 new bus routes between Dubai and Sharjah

The Director of the Planning and Business Development Department at the Public Transport Corporation at the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai, Adel Shakeri, revealed to "Emirates Today" that there is a plan to operate five public bus lines between Dubai and Sharjah, before the end of this year, via the new road that the authority opened days ago, In cooperation with the Roads and Transport Authority in Sharjah to operate buses.


The authority opened the road, which connected the areas of Al Mamzar and Al Khan, to transport passengers between the two cities via bus line No. (E303), but Shakeri confirmed the addition of the other five lines, no later than next December.

He stated that the lines to be operated will be launched in two phases to operate before the end of the year via the new road, listing the numbers of the new lines that will include line No. (E 303 A), (E 306), (E 307 A), (E 304), (E 400) .

Shakri said that the opening of the road that linked Al Khan and Al Mazruq, and subsequently between the Emirates of Sharjah and Dubai, aims to encourage mass transit and reduce traffic congestion by providing dedicated bus lanes only to transport passengers between the two emirates, at a time less than the usual bus travel time by about 20 to 15 Accurate.

He stressed that the authority seeks to provide comfortable transportation routes, which are characterized by a high degree of quality. It also seeks global leadership in easy and sustainable mobility, praising the cooperation of the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority, to enable the opening of the new road, which is intended for the use of public buses only, and the operation of new lines, to transport the largest number of residents and tourists between the two cities.

Bus line E303 runs between the Union Metro stations in Dubai and Jubail in Sharjah.