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40 minutes nearly led to disaster in Mubarak Hospital in Kuwait
disaster in Mubarak Hospital in Kuwait

The power outage crisis that affected areas in Hawalli Governorate, including Jabriya, revealed "poor preparations at Mubarak Hospital as things almost got out of control."


Informed sources recounted what happened during the "difficult moments", explaining that "when the hospital’s power was cut off, all the generators did not work and some of them broke down, while the hospital sank in a complete outage for about 40 minutes."
She emphasized that «the doctors had to give some patients artificial respiration manually, and that what saved many patients was the presence of spare batteries (UPS) for artificial respirators, which allowed them to work for 40 minutes, noting that this is the maximum for them,» noting that "The return of the current saved the patients from the state of loss of breathing, and if the interruption continued for more than this period, the lives of many would be in danger, especially those who receive treatment in intensive care, or those who depend on artificial respiration."
The sources confirmed that «the Undersecretary of the Ministry Mustafa Reda moved to the hospital quickly and put the work plan in his hand and directed the activation of the emergency plan, and the Director of the District, Nadia, came early on Friday, so that all the cases in the accident department were evacuated to other hospitals,» indicating that the «Covid- 19 », who tracks the cases of“ Corona ”, was controlling the situation well.