In reaction to the news «Rai» yesterday about the requirement of the health authorities, in the case of the return of flights between Kuwait and the 34 banned countries, the obligation of returnees to submit to health requirements, including pcr tests and mandatory institutional quarantine, said the president of the Union of Travel and Tourism Companies, Mohammed al-Mutairi, said that the news injected blood again into the veins of the local economy, as the beginning of the return of arrivals will revive many economic sectors affected by the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, including tourism, travel, aviation, hotels and complementary sectors, such as retail sales, such as retail sales, such as tourism, travel, aviation, hotels, industries and complementary activities. and food services.

Al-Mutairi revealed to «Rai» that the companies of the tourism and travel sector began to take the necessary measures to provide "backage returning from the banned countries", in accordance with the requirements set by the Ministry of Health, stressing that the companies began their steps to calculate the value of "bakge" on the basis of 5 cost centers It starts with the price of a one-way ticket, plus the cost of a PCR check for return, one upon arrival at the airport, the other at the end of the seventh day of stone, as well as the cost of transportation from the airport to the headquarters of the stone, as well as the cost of accommodation in the hotel institutional stone, Besides the dining options.

He said that the first cost centre, which is tickets, varies from country to country, expecting the average ticket price to be at 70 dinars for returnees from Middle Eastern countries, while the average ticket price rises to 110 dinars for returnees from the Indian subcontinent and several Asian countries.