Deduct 1% from the salaries
Deduct 1% from the salaries

22 deputies issued a statement to support a proposed law in the House of Representatives Public Utilities and Environment Committee, Hamad Al-Kooheji to include deputies, Shura and ministers by deducting 1% of bonuses in favor of the unemployment insurance fund, similar to the rest of the citizens.

The current law excludes ministers, deputies and Shura from the monthly deduction process.

The parliamentary statement said that in light of the crisis we are experiencing in light of the Corona pandemic, many professional and labor sectors have been affected by the repercussions of the current crisis, and after the unemployment insurance fund proved that it supports the Bahraini workers in the public and private sectors and preserved their right from the specter of unemployment and the need and need for that, Supporting and sustaining this fund has become a national and economic priority, in anticipation of any future needs related to wages, by increasing the size of shareholders in the fund, so that the deduction to support the fund includes the category of deputies, Shura and ministers by 1%.

The statement pointed out that the royal vision, by ratifying the insurance against unemployment law 14 years ago, demonstrated the success of the project and its importance, as the time came when everyone benefited from the deducted funds over the past years.

The statement stated that the unemployment fund has proven to be the People's Fund, with its contributions and support to a wide range of Bahraini workers. The past due to the repercussions of the pandemic "Corona" Covid_19.

The statement stressed that everyone, without exception, should contribute to supporting the unemployment fund, including the deputies, Shura councils and ministers, by deducting the percentage specified from them in favor of the fund to ensure support for the fund's sustainability and continuity.

The statement stressed that applying the law and adapting it to the category of deputies, the Shura, ministers and the like, is possible by setting up a mechanism that organizes the deduction process between the General Authority for Social Insurance and the General Secretariat in both chambers and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

It is worth noting that the signed representatives are: Hamad Al-Kooheji, Essa Al-Kooheji, Abdul Nabi Salman, Zainab Abdel Amir, Fadel Al-Sawad, Ibrahim Al-Nafiei, Hisham Al-Asheeri, Masumah Abdul-Raheem, Ahmed Al-Dimistani, Mahmoud Al-Bahrani, Mr. Falah Hashem, Youssef Zainal, Ahmed Al-Salloum, Ahmed Al-Amer , Kaltham Al Hayki, Ali Ishaqi, Ali Zayed, Ahmed Al Ansari, Abdul Razzaq Hattab, in the name of Al Maliki, Issa Al Qadi, in addition to Abdullah Al Thawadi.