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Health requirements to be applied in establishments that contain beaches to contain and prevent the spread of the new Corona virus "Covid 19".

Obligations to be followed by the facility management that manages the beach:

1- The facility management must compel its employees to maintain personal and public hygiene.

2- The facility management should use the thermometer to check the temperature of the employees and beachgoers before entering the facility.

3- The facility management must prevent anyone who has a temperature of (37.5) degrees Celsius or higher or who suffers from symptoms (COVID-19) from entering the facility, and he must leave immediately and call 444.

4- The facility management should provide an alcoholic disinfectant in which the alcohol concentration is not less than (70%). At the entrance and at points distributed around the beach.

5- The facility's employees must wear gloves and gags during working hours.

6- The facility management must record and maintain employee contact information.

7- The facility management should use visual signs to define the one-way path at the entry and exit points, and ensure that the social spacing is maintained at all times.

8- The facility management should use visual signs indicating the maximum number of one group, which is 5 people.

9- The facility management should use awareness signs and posters on handwashing guidelines and good hygiene standards.

(Available in the Ministry of Health in multiple languages).

10- The facility's employees should direct the beach goers (whether they are individually or in groups) to maintain a distance of (2) meters between them.

11- The facility's employees must rearrange the seats to maintain safe distances to reduce direct contact.

12- The facility management should clean and disinfect all facilities according to health guidelines, and disinfect used equipment and tools for daily rental after each use.

13- The facility management should wash the towels with warm water, at a temperature of (80) degrees or more, but without the boiling point.

14- The facility management should close the baths, saunas, changing rooms and other common areas (other than toilets) until further notice.

15- The facility management should completely clean and disinfect the toilets after each use, disinfect electronic devices upon leaving work, and properly dispose of the personal tools used for beachgoers.

16- The facility management should provide a sufficient number of garbage bins and dispose of garbage periodically.

Third: Final provisions:

1- Establishments that contain tourist facilities or commercial shops on the beaches may sell retail goods, provided that the Ministry of Health's health guidelines and requirements for commercial retail stores are adhered to, and customers are encouraged to pay bills electronically.

The facility's employees should assist clients in shopping to reduce contact with the assets.

If the customer wants to make the purchase, the buyer must stand the specified land marks while waiting in line.

2- The facility management should direct restaurants and food and beverage outlets affiliated with it or within its spatial scope; By selling through external selling services.

3- Establishments in accordance with the provisions of this resolution are subject to inspection by the competent government agencies to ensure compliance with health requirements.

4- Each facility shall close its shore if it is unable to implement the conditions and obligations stipulated in this decision.