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The Tourism Research and Studies Committee of the Arab Center for Tourist Information identified 12 precautionary measures that will be implemented by most airlines with the resumption of flights operating

The committee said, in a recent report released today, that airlines are required to adhere to the new steps that will preserve the health of passengers inside the plane, noting that many of the usual things on the previous aircraft will disappear and instead new matters will be replaced and there will be precautionary safety conditions that will be applied On all passengers without exception.

The research committee indicated that the airlines will prevent paper magazines on the plane as it may be a source of transmission of infection, and a muzzle and an alcohol sterilizer will be distributed to each passenger, as well as turning companies into a system of dry, cold and tightly packed meals that are not prepared in the plane.

The committee noted that among the measures also is the sterilization of the compartments every half an hour, and there will also be a new cycle in circulating the cabin air using new devices that will contribute greatly to the non-spread of the virus through the air-conditioning.

The committee stated that the soap faucet is to be added next to the water faucet and the alcohol sterilization tap, and to add automatic autoclaves that work automatically after each person using the toilet, and the hospitality crew will be required to use masks, gloves and alcohol sterilizers and change them every 20 minutes, and wear medical coats.

The research committee pointed out that among the procedures also is sterilization of bags inside the cabin designated in the plane, and all passengers wear a muzzle and perhaps gloves, while the successive call will be made to sterilize hands by the hospitality crew, and some aircraft will be provided with a thermal camera that shows the high temperature passengers.