10 thousand dirhams compensation to a tenant in Abu Dhabi
10 thousand dirhams compensation to a tenant in Abu Dhabi

A property owner in Abu Dhabi was ordered to pay 10 thousand dirhams in compensation to a tenant who was injured after a portion of the apartment's ceiling fell on her.



The roof collapsed due to lack of maintenance / repair by the owner, the court ruled.

Official court documents stated that the Arab woman had filed a lawsuit against the owner demanding compensation of 155,000 dirhams for the damage she suffered after parts of the roof fell and were hit.

In her lawsuit, the woman stated that she was severely injured and was taken to hospital after being injured. She submitted a medical report explaining the treatment of injuries to her pelvis, knees and other parts of her body as a result of the accident.

She said the owner neglected his commitment to repair the building, causing the roof to collapse.

The owner of the property denied any wrongdoing, stressing that it was a minor accident and that the woman suffered slight bruises. His lawyer claimed that a report issued by a second hospital showed that the woman was suffering from these injuries prior to the aforementioned accident, and there is no way to link it to the collapse of the roof.

The Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance had earlier dismissed the case due to lack of merit and sufficient evidence.

However, the woman appealed the ruling in an appeals court, which overturned the first ruling and found the owner guilty.

He was asked to pay 10 thousand dirhams in compensation to the woman for the moral and material damage she suffered due to the collapse of the accident. The owner was also ordered to pay the woman's legal expenses.

In its ruling, the court said there was sufficient evidence that the owner had neglected his role in repairing or maintaining the building, resulting in the roof collapsing.