10 days before the end of updating citizens' identity data
10 days before the end of updating citizens' identity data

After 10 days, the period specified by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to update citizens' data ends within the “Your Data Your Identity” initiative, which started on the 28th of last month, and continues for a period of one month. ...


The authority stated that the initiative "Your data ... your identity" aims to update personal data through the authority's smart application or via its website on the Internet www.ica.gov.ae

She indicated that the first phase of the initiative is dedicated to the citizens of the United Arab Emirates, calling on them to update the data, provided that the updating processes for various segments of society will be resumed within the next stages that will be announced later.

The update is limited in the first stage to citizens in the age groups from 18 to 60 years, as it is every fully qualified individual responsible for updating his personal data, and whoever falls under his family record, confirming the call center's readiness to immediately respond to customer inquiries.

She stated that the extension of this period depends on the evaluation of the first stage of modernization, explaining that the steps for updating data through the smart application for citizens begin by logging into the smart application, where the data is inserted through the holders of the registration summary, then choosing a new service, then updating the housing and work data. The beginning of the entry, the application automatically goes to the page of the head of the family to start the update, then move later to choose to update the data of the rest of the family members, and finally agree to the terms and conditions and provide the service.

She emphasized that updating data greatly and effectively supports the state’s efforts to confront the emerging "Corona" virus and limit its spread, as it provides a digital system that meets the requirements of the health sector and other sectors, as well as its pivotal role in ensuring the continuity of government services and providing them according to the best efficiency standards.