Good news from companies.. Distributing 25% Cash profits

Urgent| Closing Al Ras area in Dubai and ban entry and exit of residents for two weeks

UAE Emiratisation.. Urgent decree regarding the salaries of employees

Suspension of all licensing and applications departments of vehicles

Lulu confirms the availability of masks at lower prices than pharmacies

Traffic violations reduced by 50% for 3 months

Happy new.. Paying salaries for 3 months

Warning: "bomb" to transport corona in public baths

Bahrain: 52 new cases of corona

Urgent Bahrain. Approval to pay private sector workers for 3 months

Ready to deport hundreds of thousands of residents in Kuwait

Renewal of residences of arrivals without fines in some Gulf countries

Examination of foreign workers when renewing permits

Good news: for all workers and business owners in the private sector

Warning: from falling into electronic crime on Facebook

Canceling exams this year and allowing improvement in the first term

Urgent: Death of an expatriate near the Salhia area of Bahrain

Urgent order from the Ministry of Health to all residents and citizens

Urgent from His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, king of the country, may God bless him and his patrons.

Urgent.. Nationality and passports announce good news for citizens and residents

Fuel prices in April in most of the Gulf countries

Urgent.. Fall of a medical evacuation plane in Philippines and death all its passengers

Extending the suspension of Dubai metro and tram services

Health announces 102 cases of coronavirus, mostly from India and the Philippines, 3 new recoveries and death registration