Praying in the blessed month of Ramadan in Kuwait
Praying in the blessed month of Ramadan in Kuwait

We came today, urgent decisions from the "Minister of Awqaf" regarding Tarawih prayers and Qiyam in the blessed Ramadan, and here are all the details.

In this context, the Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs in Kuwait, Issa Al-Kandari, confirmed that the Qiyaam and Tarawih prayers will be held in Ramadan, and citizens will be allowed to go to them on foot to the mosques near their homes.

Al-Kandari clarified that the Ministry of Endowments will stress the worshipers ’adherence to health requirements, and the prayer time will be reduced as a health precaution.

As for the decision to close the land and sea border crossings, the Cabinet decided to allow exit from them for two categories:

1- Citizens with livestock present through the ports, provided that proof of their ownership of those livestock and their accompanying domestic workers is submitted.

2 - Residents of the country (departure only).