Suspicious sites and the Emirates visa
Suspicious sites and the Emirates visa

In detail, important news about suspicious sites promoting visas with fancy features, and the General Administration of Identity and Citizenship warns.

And according to "Emirates Today", it has monitored the spread of anonymous accounts on social media, promoting obtaining entry visas for tourism, work and residence in the country with fictional advantages, including obtaining them in record time and at attractive prices, while providing advantages, including reception at the airport and providing accommodation in One-month housing and a job opportunity, as well as providing assistance to those wishing to obtain a golden residency.

The newspaper also received several inquiries from inside and outside the country about the safety of dealing with advertisements spread on social media, and the validity of the information it promotes in its ability to issue tourism and work visas in the country.

Those wishing to come to the country explained that the UAE represents a great importance to them, and an attractive tourist destination to visit, reside and work in it, stressing their keenness to follow up all news and information issued regarding residence and work in the country through official channels, expressing their fear of dealing with the anonymous advertisements spread on Social networking sites in this regard.

In this regard, foreign embassies inside the country have published awareness-raising "posters" on their websites, warning their citizens against falling victim to the trap of fraud through announcements of visas, warning against dealing with unreliable people and websites, reporting them to official authorities, and making sure that Entry permit (work visa) approved by the labor representation office at the embassy.

She stressed that the visa is issued only by airlines, hotels, tourism companies or tour operators, and that the costs of the visa are borne by the employer and not paid by the worker.

She warned about the so-called free visa, stressing that it is an illusion and fraud, as the labor law in the UAE prohibits that, and that the tourist visa does not allow work, and the violator may be subject to penalties that may include fines and deportation, as work is allowed only if a work visa is issued.

It was not possible to obtain comment from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship on this subject, but the official portal of the UAE government confirmed, through its account on the “Twitter” website, that there are official channels through which people can apply through which to obtain an entry visa to the UAE.

She stated that the UAE provides regular and electronic channels to apply for entry permits or visas through the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the concerned emirate, or through smart channels for residency and nationality (E-channels), which include the website of the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, and applications Mobile phone, including the application of the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, and the application of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

In December 2019, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship announced the launch of the application mechanism for permanent golden residency through a site dedicated to visas for entrepreneurs and those with specialized talents, with the aim of considering the applications submitted and the procedures followed to grant permanent golden residency to entrepreneurs and those with specialized talents.

She stated that the application is registered via the website, and official documents are submitted for detailed identification of the projects before granting permanent golden residency, and the authority will work to complete The necessary procedures for issuing visas for entrepreneurs and those with specialized talents, as the electronic system facilitates the application process and enables the relevant government agencies to review applications and attachments to ensure that they complete the required conditions.