Urgent court ruling
Urgent court ruling

We have now received important details about only one letter on the court table ending a marital relationship.

In this regard, I overturned a letter of settlement talks, sent by a husband to his wife regarding ending the marital relationship between them, the table on the husband, after the wife and her lawyer took advantage of that letter and attached it to the documents submitted to the Court of Appeal, which proved the validity of the wife's statements of the impossibility of continuing the marital relationship between them. .

Knowing that, the wife had previously failed, before the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance, to prove the harm inflicted on her, so that the letter written by the husband in his own handwriting came as a new opportunity for the wife to fulfill her desire to obtain a divorce and embrace her children, after the husband expressed in a message of his desire In granting his wife a divorce in exchange for her giving up all of her rights guaranteed by law.

In detail, a woman filed a lawsuit demanding that she divorce her for discord, harm, abandonment, non-spending, and proof of custody of her children, and obliging the defendant (her husband) to pay her several alimony, pleasure, maintenance for children, education expenses, nursery rent, clothing for two days, water and electricity bills, previous marital alimony, and housing rent allowance A nursery, the back of a dowry, and to provide her with a car, a driver, and two maids, and he is obligated to pay their wages and expenses for their recruitment, renewal of their residency, and obligate to hand over the children's passports and identity papers.

Following the husband's denial of the wife's statements or harming her, he petitioned the court to rule that it is impermissible to consider the case for the previous ruling in it, and the court of first instance ruled that the requests may not be considered, the wife charged the fees and expenses, and the rest of the requests were rejected.

The wife appealed the verdict and her lawyer, Rabih Abdurrahman, presented a memorandum in which she attached a letter that the husband sent to his wife, written in his handwriting, which includes consent to divorce her in exchange for her forfeiting all of her legal rights, noting that this letter is an acknowledgment by the wife of his unwillingness to The continuation of married life, and that he wants to divorce her after she waives to him all her legal rights that are guaranteed by the power of Sharia and law.

The attorney confirmed that the husband did not take into account the requirements of his duties as a husband towards his wife and children, noting at the same time that her client tried repeatedly to give him opportunities to return to his senses and assume his responsibilities, but he did not take into account his wife’s keenness on that.

The court tried to offer reconciliation to both parties, but the wife adhered to her refusal, attributing the reason to the impossibility of living with him due to harm.

Accordingly, the court decided to amend the judgment of the court of first instance, to decide to separate the spouses by divorcing a dowry that is only permissible for him by a new contract and dowry, and with her permission and her consent, and he has to correct her iddat from the date the ruling becomes final, with proof of the wife's custody of her children.