Department of Culture and Tourism
Department of Culture and Tourism

We have now received urgent news that those coming from 14 countries have been exempted from the period of compulsory isolation upon arrival, and the following are the details.

Officials of the "Department of Culture and Tourism" in Abu Dhabi explained the updated "green list" for travelers coming to Abu Dhabi.

In a statement, the department stated that travelers coming from the countries on this list will be exempt from the compulsory isolation period when they visit Abu Dhabi, and they will only be required to take a PCR test for the Corona virus upon arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

In addition to stressing that the countries and territories included in the list will be updated routinely, based on the global developments of the "Covid-19" pandemic, to include the names of countries that comply with strict standards of security and health in order to protect the local community.

The department clarified that the list procedures apply to the countries of origin from which visitors travel, not just nationality, noting that the updated green list on April 5, 2021 includes: Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, China, Morocco, Iceland, Brunei, Bhutan, Greenland, Singapore, South Korea, Mauritius, New Zealand, and Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China).

The Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi called for visiting for more information, stressing that it will announce continuous updates to the list over the coming months.