stops ports and threatens a food crisis
stops ports and threatens a food crisis

A cabinet decision was issued to impose a comprehensive ban across the country to prevent the outbreak of the Corona virus until the end of May.

The ports were affected by a state of complete paralysis as a result of not releasing the goods to the individual companies present in the ports because they are not granted security clearances to remove the goods.

This threatens a state of paralysis and the continuation of this situation threatens to shortage of food and medicine stored if this problem is not resolved immediately.

Where sources confirmed that the ports had been filled with their need with goods and had become stacked with containers in Shuwaikh and Shuaiba ports, and there was no space to receive any other goods from imports.

The sources also pointed out that the continuation of that commodity in the ports exposes them to damage and loss, and consequently, the companies are exposed to heavy losses, a deficit occurs in the markets, and consumers are affected.

 Therefore, it is necessary to quickly correct the situation in order not to reach a real crisis in food and medicine.