You could be imprisoned for violating UAE labor law

Kuwaiti action with American support, to resolve the Gulf dispute

Abu Dhabi announces new fines for health insurance violations

Kuwait.. Financial aid for 747 families from March to August

Bahrain.. Random screening sites for Corona virus on Wednesday

Bahrain.. Closing two lanes on 16 December Street to the west

Fining 4 companies in Dubai for violating Covid-19 safety rules

Airlines want Covid-19 testing system, not quarantines

Kuwait.. 52 cases of corona among university employees

721 beachgoers in Dubai fined for violating anti-COVID-19 measures

Drop personal loans to alleviate the suffering

100% E-learning for Abu Dhabi students in grade 6 and above

Crown prince's wise decisions stop the flexible labor draining the country's wealth

The Kuwaiti embassy in Germany appeals to its citizens to adhere to the new travel instructions

Dubai Police warns of these behaviors on the beaches

Statement of emergency and crises regarding entry and exit procedures to Abu Dhabi

Dubai records 29 traffic accidents due to fog

Sharjah Private Education announces the date for the students to return to their schools

Accident death of three people due to a drunk driver in Umm Al Quwain

Kuwait reveals the operational plan to return commercial flights

A new statement from the King of Bahrain regarding normalization with Israel

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain strongly condemns and denounces the launching of a projectile on Saudi Arabia

An urgent circular from the Federal for Human Resources regarding Corona patients

Kuwait.. The new fines law increases fines by up to 1000%