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A statement from Emirates Airlines to citizens and residents of the UAE
Emirates Airlines

In a statement today, Emirates Airlines confirmed that it has entered into a partnership with "Al Hosn", the official digital platform for "Covid-19" tests in the UAE, to provide greater comfort and smoother flights for its customers.

Emirates Airlines stated that its customers must download the “IATA Passport” application, scan the QR code on the travel card of the “Al Hosn” application, and re-upload the results again on the application. She added that citizens and residents of the UAE will also be able to download negative PCR test results and vaccination certificates without the need to visit specific laboratories. The carrier indicated that the new improvements make it easier for Emirates Airlines customers to benefit from the "IATA passport" and obtain "Ok to Travel" before leaving for any destination in the European Union through the carrier's network.

And she indicated that Emirates customers who travel from the UAE to the European Union as well, can use the “Al Hosn” application to reliably prove their health condition, and the ability to easily enter hospitality and entertainment venues, attend events or initiate other experiences that require a negative test result. or proof of vaccination. She pointed out that this reduces the use of multiple applications to prove the status of testing and vaccination while in the European Union, and also allows for a comfortable and safe movement of Emirates customers.

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